DSSSB Question paper TGT Computer Science

Important DSSSB Exam Questions with answer

DSSSB Question paper TGT Computer Science
1. The context free languages are closed under -
A) Union
B) Kleene star
C) Concatenation
D) All of these ✔

2. Out of 100 students, 10 students used to drink milk(M), coffee(C) and tea(T). 20 M and C; 30 C and T; 25 M and T; 12 M only; 5 C Only and 8 T only. The number of students who do not drink any of these is -
A) 16
B) 24
C) 20 ✔
D) 18

3. The degree of any vertex of graph is
A) Number of vertex in graph
B) Number of verties adjacent to that vertex
C) The number of edges incident with the vertex ✔
D) Number of edges in a graph

4. Copper wire is an example of
A) Guided transmission Media ✔
B) Unguided Transmission media
C) Group media
D) None of these

5. In a noisy environment, the best transmission medium would be -
A) twisted pair cable
B) optical fiber ✔
C) coaxial cable
D) the atmospheric medium

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6. The area of coverage of a satellite radio beam is known as
A) circular polarization
B) Beam width
C) Footprint ✔
D) Identity

7. Two dimensional arrays are also called -
A) Tables arrays
B) Matrix arrays
C) Both of the above ✔
D) None of the above

8. An identifier in C -
A) is a name of a thing such as variable and function
B) is made up of letters, numerals and underscore
C) can contain both uppercase and lowercase letters
D) All of the above ✔

9. The two operators && and || are -
A) arithmetic operators
B) equality operators
C) logical operators ✔
D) relational operators

10. The database schema is written in -
A) DDL ✔

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11. A device that can convert digital signals to analog signals is -
A) a packet
B) a modem ✔
C) Both of above
D) None of above

12. The mechanism by which the data and functions are bound together with an object definition
A) Inheritance
B) Anstraction
C) Encapsulation ✔
D) Polymorphism

13. The math library is setup for the user by the file -
A) float.h
B) limits.h
C) math.h ✔
D) time.h

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14. The physical layer of a network -
A) defines the electrical characterstics of signals passed between computer and communication devices ✔
B) controls error detection and correction
C) constructs packets of data and sends them across
D) All of the above

15. A ____ is said to taken place when two distinct key values are mapped to the same storage location.
A) Collision ✔
B) Clashing
C) Probing
D) Value strike

16. Key to represent relationship between tables is called -
A) Primary Key
B) Foreign Key ✔
C) Seondary Key
D) Composite Keys

important DSSSB Questions for TGT and PGT level exams

17. Which of the following is a universal gate?

18. Abstraction is
A) The act of representing the essential features of something without including much details ✔
B) The act of representing the features of something including much details
C) A tree structure
D) None of above

19. DDL stands for
A) Data Definition Language ✔
B) Data Derivation Language
C) Dynamic Data Language
D) Detailed Data Language

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20. ____ cable uses a very thin glass or plastic fiber through which pulses of light travel.
A) Two wire open lines
B) Optical fiber ✔
C) Twister pair
D) coaxial

21. Leaf class is -
A) A class with one subclass
B) A class with no subclass ✔
C) A class having more than one sub classes
D) A class having exactly two sub classes

22. MAN refers to -
A) Mega Area Network
B) Metropolitan Area Network ✔
C) Mini Area Network
D) Medium Area Network

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