General Knowledge Questions

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General Knowledge Questions
National bird of New Zealand -- Kiwi
smallest bird in the world -- bee hummingbird
largest dog breeds in the world -- St Bernard
largest flower in the world -- Rafflesia
fastest sea animal -- sailfish
which is the tallest land animal? -- giraffe
Which Australian batsman was nicknamed 'The Don'? -- Donald Bradman
longest living land animal -- Galapagos tortoise
Name the largest ocean in the world. -- Pacific Ocean
Which is the largest island in the world. -- Greenland
Which is the second highest mountain peak in the world? -- K2
Which is the largest desert in the world? -- Sahara Desert
Which is the longest river in the world? -- Nile River
Which is the highest waterfall in the world? -- Angel Falls
Which team did India beat in the finals of cricket World Cup 2011? -- Sri Lanka
Who is the author of The Discovery of India? -- Jawaharlal Nehru
Who was nicknamed 'Gurudev'? -- Rabindranath Tagore
Who invented vaccination? -- Edward Jenner
largest bear in the world -- Polar Bear

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More General Knowledge Questions

Who is the author of Oliver Twist? -- Charles Dickens
Who was India's youngest Prime Minister? -- Rajiv Gandhi
For which film did Kangana Ranaut win the Best Actress Award at the 2015 National Filmfare Award? -- Queen
Who was India's First Woman Prime Minister? -- Indira Gandhi
On whose birthday is Kisan Diwas observed every year? -- Charan Singh
Michael Phelps is associated with which sports? -- Swimming
Who invented Diesel Engine? -- Rudolf Diesel
In the wake of 2 major Earthquakes to which country did India promise an assistance of USD 1 Billion? -- Nepal

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