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Tell me something about your few weaknesses


This is very basic and most important question of any interview as it will tell employer that how will you handle situations in your life. This question can also be asked as

Describe your weaknesses, some negative points about you etc.

Tips from Editor

This question is very tricky to handle and you should be well prepared otherwise most of people loose marks here. Every human have lots of weaknesses or you can say negativities. But you can not be very honest over here while you should handle this question very attentively.

Present your weeknesses such that it is in benefit of the employer. This is the trick to handle this level of interview. You cannot say that you have no weaknesses but you can wrap a positive thing and display it as weakness. For example: "My focus towards my work makes me sometimes spent less time with family". So here this is very good weakness of a employee towards an employer.

Whatever you say should be justifiable otherwise they will throw you out. Be ready with atleast two weaknesses and their justifications.

Editor is a senior interviewer. Ex SSB panelist.




Rishabh, Rohtak says:
I never fill comfortable until I complete my task.
I can not tell lie easily.

Divya, Bhiwani says:
I have a fear of expressing myself in front of lot of people.

Lakshmi, Mathura says:
I have not seen any weakness till now but if I realize then definitely I will try to correct it.

.... continued..

Shubhangi, Delhi says:
I trust people very easily and also little sensitive.

Christine, Goa says:
Sometime my hardworking because I do my job until I do not get satisfactory result on that. I donot look at my watch then. Sometimes not taking care of myself in front of my job.

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