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What are your hobbies?

This is very basic and most important question of any interview as it will tell employer that how will you handle situations in your life. This question can also be asked as

Describe your hobbies, What do you like doing in your free time, How do you utilize your leisure, What do you like doing repeatedly etc.

Example 1

Sir although I have lot of interests of utilizing my time but my main hobby is listening to music because music makes me tension free. and I hope every one like enjoying music. It gives me a peaceful mind.
This example was sent by: Pallavi, Dehradun

Example 2

Answer: cooking
Question: What type of cooking?
Answer: Tell a type that HR's do not have idea. Or you know about it a lot.[if it is overseas, Indian; if North Indian, South Indian type]
Question: why? answer: Give a genuine reason.
This example was sent by: Shikha, Allahabad


Example 3

My hobbies are playing computer game ‘war commander’ as it helps me in concentration, listening music as it refresh my mind and I also like to work on technical skills as it will help in my career.
Counter Question: Why music and which song do u like most?
Answer: I listen soft, slow, romantic and sometimes sad songs depends on mood. Actually there are also many reasons for my choice. As these songs helps me to concentrate on my work, refreshes my work loaded mind, and a way of relieving myself out of stress. And as I am living in the hostel, so this avoids the monotonous life of hostel.
[No they will ask which song so you must know atleast one song with one stanza to sing. So be prepared.]
for example song: jaaneman jaaneman jaaneman jaaneman ek naam tumhara lekar, hum jeete hain marte hain,
yeh ishq nibha dena tum, guzarish ye karte hain
Counter Question: who is music director, singer and who wrote the lyrics?
Answer: (you must have all the information regarding ur choice.
e.g. for above song,) Music Director – Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics – Subrat Sinha
Singer - Himesh Reshammiya, Shreya Ghoshal
similarly they can ask about the other hobbies. So be prepared.
This example was sent by: Rohan Garg, Delhi



Tips from Editor

First of all always remeber: there is no completely wrong or correct answer in interviews.
As we are talking about hobbies in a person so every person has some hobbies. It is just that every other person can have different set of hobbies and free time activities. So before going to interview you must think on yourself that what are your hobbies?
Hobbies of a person are the asset which keep the person cross busy in his every free time. It means whatever you like doing most of the time and which does not make you feel boring can be your hobby.
So while making an activity your hobby in your life or just for an interview:
  • It should be one activity which you can engage your self in for the maximum time.
  • It should be something constructive.
  • You should have proper reasons for whatever hobby you choose
  • You should know what impacts this hobby creates in your life
.... continued..
Examples of most usual hoppy people have are : listening to music, singing, playing some sport(football, basketball, criket etc.), internet surfing, cooking, gardening, reading books and novels, learning new things, dancing, watching movies, painting and anything which is justifiable and constructive for your life.
Editor is a senior interviewer. Ex SSB panelist.
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