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What are your strengths?

This is very basic and most important question of any interview as it will tell employer that how will you handle situations in your life. This question can also be asked as

Describe your strengths, What keep you going up, some positive points about you, tell me some of your assets etc.

Example 1

Sir although I have lot of positives in me but main are
I am a good speaker. I have achored many programmes in my college.
I am a good listner as well.
I have the positive attitude towards my career and self-confidence.
I can also work under pressure.
I am a hardworking person I can finish the work within time.
This example was sent by: Ritika, Guwahati


Example 2

I am very helpful.
I am an entertainer as I know mimickry dance and my friends say that I have a good sense of humour.
I am very honest.
I am a goal oriented person. Once I am told my goal, I leave everything else and just focus on my goal.
I am a team player. I like working in team orriented fashion.
I am a positive thinker. To everything there are two faces so I keep myself on positive face of it.
I possess excellent communication skills that drive home client satisfaction. I am comfortable to relocate as work demands.
I complete the tasks assigned to me before the deadline accurately and efficiently.
I am always ready to explore new things.
I am a good time manager.
This example was sent by: Rohan Garg, Delhi



Tips from Editor

First of all always remeber: there is no completely wrong or correct answer in interviews.
As we are talking about strengths in a person so every person has some strengths. It is just that every other person can have different set of strengths. So before going to interview you must think on yourself that what are your strengths?
Strengths of a person are the asset which keep the person cross through every situation. So explore your self and you will get your strengths.
So I am preparing a list of common key strengths like:
  • positive thinker
  • Good motivator
  • Proactive
  • honest
.... continued..
  • focussed
  • entertainer
  • time manager
  • good team player
  • creative thinker
  • hard worker as well as smart worker
so dont see others and explore yourself and finalize your atleast five strengths to tell in interview. And Be honest because there will be cross questioning on your every strength. So be ready with a small story to justify each of your strengths. If you are able to do it then you will get full marks. Tell less strengths but justified ones.
Editor is a senior interviewer. Ex SSB panelist.
If you think that your interview template is better then send it at and we will publish it here.

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